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The Light of Glory Concealed by Unbelief. John 12:12-50

The Light of Glory Concealed by Unbelief. John 12:12-50

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I.) GLORY TO THE SON SUPPRESSED BY UNBELIEF. a. Who are the four groups of people, present in Jerusalem? b. What do all of these people have in common? (Jn 1:14, 3:19–20, 5:44, 11:48, 15:16, 17:12; Jer 17:9; Isa 6:10; 53:1) II.)GLORY GIVEN TO THE SON BY THE FATHER. a.The Written Witness of the Scriptures. (Zech 9:9) b.The Verbal Witness from the Father. (vs. 27-30) c.The Blood Stained Witness of the Cross. (Rom 5:8)